Bangor SEO Company | Bangor SEO Consultant | Best SEO Bangor

Bangor SEO Company | Bangor SEO Consultant | Best SEO Bangor

Are you interested in having the best SEO in Bangor take a look at your website. Corey Willey has worked with startup’s and multi million dollar companies alike to help them develop intricate online marketing plans that are designed to increase a companies online visibility through social media and SEO.

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Optimize Your Website For A Question/Problem

The first thing that happens to the potential searcher is they experience a problem or have a question and need to find a solution to their problem.

Second, the searcher forms a question and types it into a search engine like Google, the question could be something along the lines of “how to optimize a website” or “Best Bangor SEO Company or something like “why won’t my car start” (this part is known as a query)

Next, the user will sort through to see which search results have the best answer to their problem (over 30% of the time clicking on the first organic result leaving just 70% to be divided between 2nd and 2 billionth)

Next comes the click and as stated above, over 30% of the time the top search result gets selected.

The user then barely reads through the article slaved over by the business owner to see if it can help solve their problem, if they can not, then they hit the back button and either find another company that can provide the result’s they want or formulate a new question for the search engine.

If you want your company to be the company that shows up to solve the problems customers are having then please proceed to read. Corey Willey’s 10 Best SEO Tips to Increase Search Engine Visibility or just go ahead and sign up for this directory now and start receiving expert SEO service today! Sign Up

Bangor SEO Company | Bangor SEO Consultant | Best SEO Bangor

Why You Should Hire Corey Willey to Handle your companies SEO

Stick With It

Stick with it. Natural SEO takes a while for it to be effective and over the long run will continue to be the most effective. This is because there is one thing you can do that will always make your web page stand out from the other competing businesses on the internet and that is creating unique and useful content for your target market. This is the one thing that every single search engine will continually look for. Eventually back links will be a thing of the past and this is due to so many back linking scams that are on the market that are allowing people to rank extremely high despite not having any useful content. Having articles that are for a specific purpose that have 400+ words and target specific keywords will be king forever. This is because it is the most frustrating thing, to be able to come up with your OWN useful content for people and to be able to write for two audiences, Search Engine’s and People. The other reason people tend to not want to do such a thing is because it is time consuming. It can take upwards of 3+ months for your SEO campaigns to take effect and it takes time to do the research in order to know what you are talking about.

Do The Search Engines Know You Exist?

Before starting any SEO campaign it is important to know where you at for a starting point. Often times I have found that businesses websites are not indexed by the search engines. This means you do not even exist in their eyes. In order to find out if Google has your website and web pages indexed you do the following.

  • Go to
  • Preform the following search – – replacing the with your URL
  • If nothing shows up in the search results then your site is not indexed by Google and essentially do not exist. The pages that show up are the pages that have been seen and deemed important enough by Google to be included in their index

Submit Your Site To Google

The next step is to implement Google Webmaster Tracking on your website. What this will do is let Google know you exist and submit your entire website for indexing. To sign up for google webmaster and implement tracking go to the following url and follow the instructions for adding it to your site.

Bangor SEO Company | Bangor SEO Consultant | Best SEO Bangor

#Hashtag Your Social Media Posts

Some companies don’t use hashtags others use them improperly. For those who are not familiar with hasthags, hashtags make it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content. Users create and use hashtags by placing the hash character (or number sign) # in front of a word or unspaced phrase, either in the main text of a message or at the end. Searching for that hashtag will then present each message that has been tagged with it. So lets say you run a carpet cleaning company based out of Boston, Massachusetts. An effective way of hashtagging your posts would be:

  • #CarpetCleaningBoston
  • #OrganicCarpetCleaningBoston
  • #BostonCarpetCleaning
  • #BestCarpetCleanersBoston

How Fast Does Your Website Load?

For all the work you do on your website and all the work done to get people to your website. You have all of 8 seconds to leave an impression on prospective clients who come to your website. If you website takes more then a 1 second to load your already down to 7 seconds now. Outside of losing a customer it also increases your bounce rate, which will also effect your search engine rankings because Google will assume that the content you are providing isn’t as useful as someone else who retained the potential client for a long period of time.

Are Your Name, Address and Phone associated with your business Consistent?

This is a huge factor in the eyes of Google. Google scans the internet to make sure that the name of your business, phone number associated with your business and business address (also known as NAP) are consistent across directories and that your even listed with the major directories in your industry. If the information is not consistent or your not listed, Google could penalize you. The best way to find out how your information matches up from site to site is by using the following tool provided by Moz.

Link Social Media Posts Back To Your Website

As a business owner all you ever hear in today’s market you need to be doing more on social media…well here is how to get the most out of social media and help add trust to your website. Lets start with when you should be posting your posts. Think about your target client and when would they be checking their social media account? Is your target audience stay at home mom’s who are extremely busy from 6 a.m -9:30 a.m. and extremely busy again from 2:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. So posting a little bit before lunch time makes a lot of sense where as, early morning posts and anything in the afternoon gets moved. If your target client is business owners then posting anything before 6 p.m. or after 11 p.m. has a good chance at not being seen. Your post should consist of 1 or 2 hashtags that have to do with your industry, see tip #7 and the other item EVERY post must have is a link back to your website, whether its just to your home page or to another one of your webpages. Now the goal of you posting something on social media is to acquire a like, a share, a comment. If your post was not linked back to your website your social media post would only help boost your social media profile’s trust, whereas with the link being inside the post, you pass along trust in the eyes of the search engines, not to mention make it easier for people to get to your website.

Optimize Your URLS

This is a very simple, yet often overlooked aspect of SEO. Simply put, make sure that your keyword/phrase is in the URL of the post page. You can accomplish this by clicking the edit button directly below the title box in WordPress (you are editing the permalink). Often times, if you title your work well, you can just use the title of the post you are making as the URL (

Bangor SEO Company | Bangor SEO Consultant | Best SEO Bangor

Headings Will Get You Ahead Of the Competition

With regards to headings, we are talking about what your, h1,h2 and h3 headings contain. You will need to add these to every post. Along with the title, your headings will help the search engines know what your pages are about.

You can create a heading by simply using the following HTML code:

What needs to be in your headings? The only thing that I require to be in the headings is a long tail versions of my keywords that I am ranking for. So if I were targeting the keyword phrase “bass fishing” my headings may include things like “Best bass fishing lures,” or “The Best Times To Go Bass Fishing.”

Best SEO Tips #1 | Content…Content…Content…Did I Mention Content

Someone once said, “Content is king.” And that pretty much sums it up. If you do not have content that provides people with what they are looking for then no one will stay on your site. They will bounce over to your competitor to see if they have the answer to the question they are searching for. If you do not know what to write about, then do a quick search of your the keyword that your attempting to rank for. See what other top rated websites wrote about and you can either summarize what they wrote, however, make sure that you put most everything into your own words. Consider the search engines is smarter English teachers that actually read what you type and can compare it to EVERYTHING else that has ever been written, so DO NOT copy others content, you will be penalized. Every post that you write should be of at least 300 words and a new post should be posted at 2-5 times per week, I also like to throw in a couple posts with over 1000 words, 1-2 per month is sufficient. This is the specialty of Corey Willey, we ensure that our clients at all times have superior content that is written for both your clients and the search engines.

I hope that you found my 10 SEO Tips To Improve Your Businesses Search Visibility helpful and learned a new way or two to help increase your search engine rankings. If you have any questions please feel free to set up an appointment and we can discuss how these things would apply directly to your company. Sign Up

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Bangor SEO Company | Bangor SEO Consultant | Best SEO Bangor