Best Hotel Phone Systems | Hotel Phone Service | Hotel PBX | Hotel VoIP

Best Hotel Phone Systems | Hotel Phone Service | Hotel PBX | Hotel VoIP

We offer the best hotel phone systems anywhere in the world and can help your hotel make an easy switch to a VoIP Hotel Phone System and cut your Hotel PBX and hone bill! Sign up below and find out how much you can save today!

Best Hotel Phone Systems | Hotel Phone Service | Hotel PBX | Hotel VoIP

If you want to run a successful professional service, with a rich guest experience, then a hotel requires specialized communication solution to automate hotel operations and help their staff to respond from anywhere in the hotel premise. It is the quality of service that builds the reputation of Hotels and creates a loyal customer base. Among various services offered, communication is of prime importance and is the life line of Hospitality Industry. An effective communication system reflects the professional competence of a Hotel.
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We offer modern solutions and an enjoyable customer experience, software based Hotel phone systems that are very easy to manage and even easier on the wallet. Our VoIP hotel phone systems includes special hotel features that allows you to replace your old, outdated and expensive Mitel, Nortel, NEC, Siemens or other Hotel PBX phone systems.

Hotel Phone System Service Provides

Hotel Phone Systems
You will cut your phone bill in half, and do away with any Hotel PBX maintenance costs and/or lease rates.

Save On Your Monthly Phone Bill with a New VOIP Hotel Phone System

Success in the hospitality industry hinges on the ability of the staff to meet queries and demands in as swift a manner as possible. Banking on the steady growth in the technology and telecommunication segment, hotels are inching towards greater automation. Accomplishing this is difficult, considering the people-centric service nature of this industry. The hotel phone system is the perfect example of technology replacing the manual burden.

Hotel services can be upgraded using a VoIP phone system

A VoIP phone can be used to accomplish multiple ends, not just communications. Most of the modern hotel phone systems using VoIP phones include advanced features such as call holding and forwarding, auto attendant, voicemails, wake-up calls etc. In the past, these services were offered manually, involving hundreds of man-hours and costs. A VoIP phone performs all these functions in a precise and efficient manner from anywhere in the premises.

Lower installation costs

Installing a VoIP phone network is known to slash the hotel phone bills by as much as 70%.

• Eliminating redundant infrastructure: Instead of using wiring, the modern VoIP phone system depends on the internet for receiving and making calls. In other words, the existing wide area network (WAN) or the local area network (LAN) of the hotel is all that is required for establishing this network. This cuts down the redundancy and escalating costs in hotel infrastructure and is a boon for the IT department, which has one network less to worry about.

Laying miles of wiring, on the other hand, involves hefty infrastructure-related costs, which can be easily avoided using the VoIP phone system. Additionally, if the property uses a hosted VoIP, the costs are further reduced, since the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure are executed by the service provider.

• Cost-effective under scaling-up of operations: This system is particularly helpful for properties which are undergoing a phase of expansion. When a new site comes up, no new cables need to be laid. The hotel phone systems in the new site can be easily linked to those of the existing premise. This enables a centralized version of communication and eliminates confusion and high costs. Also, calls within the premise and between other linked sites are free of charge, which lends further breathing space in the hotel phone bills.

• Managing seasonal demands cheaply: The hospitality industry entails a seasonal business, viz. its demands wax and wane with tourist seasons. Laying an extensive fixed phone line may ultimately end up in high overheads with no actual returns. When it comes to scalability, a VoIP phone network provides a high level of flexibility, to suit demands as and when needed.

Running costs for VoIP phones are also low

The hotel phone network bears a heavy burden. It handles a large volume of incoming and outgoing calls. Manual handling of this volume of traffic requires significant time and resources, by way of time and costs.

• Proper allocation of costs and resources: VoIP automates the entire system and allows the hotel staff to concentrate on other aspects of the property. The vast array of features offered by the VoIP system calls for nominal human intervention and movement. Ultimately, this entails a proper allocation of human resources, thus boosting the productivity of the employees and improving the service offered by a hotel. From the point of view of customer satisfaction, these benefits play a massive role.

One of the key positives of VoIP phones is the flexibility offered to the hotel staff as resources can be allocated in real time. Property management systems benefit from the accuracy of automation.

• The hotel staff is never out of touch: The traditional hotel phone system, by virtue of the high installation costs, used to include a fewer number of sets, thus restricting the ability of the staff to respond to issues from different locations within the premise. VoIP phones, on the other hand, are available in all kinds of models – wireless, mobile handsets, room extensions etc. The relatively cheaper VoIP system allows the staff to follow-up on customer requests from practically anywhere in the premise. Special features are available on this kind of phone network to re-direct the call from a desk line to a mobile phone, thus ensuring constant access to the hotel staff.

• Moreover, even during off-hours, a guest’s requests would not go unanswered; instead of not being able to get in touch at all, the request gets recorded for future perusal by the hotel staff.

• Several VoIP solutions can be easily integrated with third-party property management systems (PMS), thus offering a seamless service with the right kind of branding.

• Lower costs for business travelers: For the guests too, a VoIP phone connection can be quite beneficial, as calls made over this network are invariably cheaper than those made using traditional telephone sets. For business travelers a VoIP system enabled property is preferable, considering that it can provide facilities like video conferencing, call-bridging etc. Using the IP Faxing facility provided by VoIP phone systems, documents can also be sent easily.

• Simpler connectivity: Programming of soft keys to connect to the reception, kitchens or any other section of the hotel is one of the most attractive aspects of the VoIP enabled hotel phone system. Since ease and comfort of stay depend on the promptness of service, these features – offered only on a digitized phone system – go a long way in ensuring happy guests.


With increasing global business interactions and awareness, travel – whether within the country or abroad – has multiplied phenomenally in the last decade. Nobody likes being left isolated, especially in an age, where physical distances have long been made inconsequential by technological developments. Consequently, the hospitality industry has been stepping up by adding more guest-friendly features, without breaking the bank. With more volumes than ever witnessed before, automation is the key to maintaining a spotless track record, ensure customer satisfaction and continue operations within the budget. One of the easiest ways to achieve that is to shift to a VoIP-enabled hotel phone system.

Key Benefits of VoIP Hotel Phone Systems

VoIP hotel phone systems are the latest in communications. The phones are connected via Internet resulting to cheaper call rates. This type offers a lot in terms of innovation, management and connectivity.

  • Halve phone bills by using VoIP for outbound calls.
  • Display guest name on reception, room service, management phones.
  • Provides wake up calls, check-in / checkout, Do Not Disturb.
  • Includes an easy to use Web Interface for Hotel staff.
  • Print log of calls made during Guest’s stay.

Best VoIP Hotel Phone Systems | Hotel PBX | Hotel Phone Service | Hotel Phone System

Our hotel phone system offers a comprehensive solution for all communication needs of small budget to luxury hotels with 20 to 1500 rooms. If you want the best hotel PBXs that are scale-able as per the hotel requirements. Hotels can excel and differentiate themselves with our hospitality solution.

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Best Hotel Phone Systems | Hotel Phone Service | Hotel PBX | Hotel VoIP