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Maine Logging | Logging in Maine | Logging Companies in Maine

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After you have contacted us, we will have one of our experienced valuation experts set an appointment to come out to your property and inspect your timber. Through close hands on research we will find the maximum potential value in your trees and pass that savings along to your bottom line. We will then give you an accurate and competitive bid of what price our Maine logging company can do the desired work for.
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Maine Logging Companies | Logging in Maine | Logging Companies in Maine

How is timber valued?

The most important part is making sure the Maine land owner gets fair value for the tree’s on their land. Having a general idea of how the tree market operates will help but there are a few things tips that will help you.

In order to properly value the timber will require not only the precise and scientifically conducted measurement of trees, but also the thorough analysis of timber markets and how value will be recognized in the measured timber. Maine Logging applies considerable care to both aspects of timber valuation. The objective is not merely to place a value on a measured volume of timber, but to truly appraise the market value of the timber as it stands on the land.

The value of timber as it stands uncut is referred to as stumpage and is essentially the price paid at the mill, less the cost of logging and transportation; this figure is then applied to the volume of permanent timber.

Volumes on a tract of land vary according to the history of land use as well as a variety of biological factors. Prices vary according to market demand and production costs.

Maine Mill prices tend to be competitive with each other and determined by the market and the price of lumber. Mills will buy timber according to species and grade. Grades are based on the quality and size of individual stems. Most mill price levels are based on the availability of timber and the market for the final product.

Maine Logging Companies | Logging in Maine | Logging Companies in Maine

Logging costs will tend to be more variable and are related to the specific property situation, and include felling the timber, removing it from the woods, and delivering it to the mill. Logging costs can vary tremendously according to the type of equipment used, the distance from the mill, the size and distribution of the timber to be cut, the topographic features of the land, and the condition of both internal and external access.

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Maine Logging Companies | Logging in Maine | Logging Companies in Maine